Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Green Team!

Work has begun for Sudbury GreenLeaf Cleaning! Thanks to all the posters around Sudbury, our Kijiji advertisement, our website, and this blog of course, we have gained a lot of interest in the area. It seems as though Sudburians were just waiting for us to arrive! Some have said that "this was exactly what they were looking for!" Others have expressed interest in having our services extend out of the Sudbury region! We are excited. Thanks for all the encouragement gang! It's finally coming together.


Caitlin and Erica

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Progress Report from the West Coast!

Check out the new and improved changes to our website! Yes, I am 4009km away from Sudbury Ontario at the moment but still working hard on researching products and updating the website when I have a few days off between sea kayak trips. Who knew that building a website could be so time consuming? After 3 long hours, I was able to create our new logo! One might say "This took you 3 hours? But it's so simple!" But alas, it is complete and our website is starting to look more professional. Erica emailed me the new recipes for our products and they are now posted on our website. I'm off tomorrow for 7 days to guide my last sea kayak trip of the season. Goodbye Free Willies... hello Sudbury GreenLeaf Cleaning!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Progress :)

Thank-you Wellness Shoppe
They had bulk, inexpensive washing soda and they also put our poster in their store window!
Today I was able to create and test some new all purpose cleaner.
Works well and smells great!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quest for Ingredients!

Some of our products will include washing soda and if we can find them, soap flakes. Were I still living in Guelph, I would zip over to the eco-store Footprints on Carden Street and purchase them both in bulk!  But I'm having a hard time tracking them here in Sudbury. On Tuesday I will try the Wellness Shoppe on Regent St.

Washing soda (aka sodium carbonate) is an alkaline that does not release harmful fumes, cuts grease and neutralizes odors. Because it has a pH of about 11, you can use it in your coffee maker or kettle as a descaling agent, as a water softener for your laundry, or simply add it to your home-made all purpose cleaners.

Soap Flakes are a pure form of soap concentrate, made from vegetable oil and water. They are exactly the type of ingredient that we're looking for because they do not contain dyes, perfumes, phosphates, bleaches, or any hidden nasty chemicals!

Ok, I really should go wash my hands. I spilled tea tree oil all over them while mixing our mold killer today. The smell is nice in small quantities, but the amount I have on my hands is a bit overwhelming.

Chau for now!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Who Are We?

We, Cailtin O'Neill and Erica Bota, are very excited about our new cleaning company!

Having both just recently graduated from the University of Guelph, we are ready to move on and bring what we love about the community of Guelph back home to Sudbury with us. Our goal is to provide an environmentally friendly (and friendly in general!) cleaning service to our hometown.

Today, approximately 54 kilotons of store bought cleaning products are used in Canadian households. These general cleaners end up contaminating fresh water, soil and air resources (not to mention our homes!).

All of our products are homemade. This way, we can ensure that they are chemical-free, NOT tested on animals, safe for children and for the environment.

However, our services aren't available yet! Caitlin is still out on Quadra Island, BC, finishing off her summer job as a kayaking guide. Did I mention that she's kayaking with killer whales?  We hope to have Caitlin come home in one piece and to have our business up and running by the end of September. 

Stay tuned for business updates!