Friday, September 3, 2010

Who Are We?

We, Cailtin O'Neill and Erica Bota, are very excited about our new cleaning company!

Having both just recently graduated from the University of Guelph, we are ready to move on and bring what we love about the community of Guelph back home to Sudbury with us. Our goal is to provide an environmentally friendly (and friendly in general!) cleaning service to our hometown.

Today, approximately 54 kilotons of store bought cleaning products are used in Canadian households. These general cleaners end up contaminating fresh water, soil and air resources (not to mention our homes!).

All of our products are homemade. This way, we can ensure that they are chemical-free, NOT tested on animals, safe for children and for the environment.

However, our services aren't available yet! Caitlin is still out on Quadra Island, BC, finishing off her summer job as a kayaking guide. Did I mention that she's kayaking with killer whales?  We hope to have Caitlin come home in one piece and to have our business up and running by the end of September. 

Stay tuned for business updates!

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