Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quest for Ingredients!

Some of our products will include washing soda and if we can find them, soap flakes. Were I still living in Guelph, I would zip over to the eco-store Footprints on Carden Street and purchase them both in bulk!  But I'm having a hard time tracking them here in Sudbury. On Tuesday I will try the Wellness Shoppe on Regent St.

Washing soda (aka sodium carbonate) is an alkaline that does not release harmful fumes, cuts grease and neutralizes odors. Because it has a pH of about 11, you can use it in your coffee maker or kettle as a descaling agent, as a water softener for your laundry, or simply add it to your home-made all purpose cleaners.

Soap Flakes are a pure form of soap concentrate, made from vegetable oil and water. They are exactly the type of ingredient that we're looking for because they do not contain dyes, perfumes, phosphates, bleaches, or any hidden nasty chemicals!

Ok, I really should go wash my hands. I spilled tea tree oil all over them while mixing our mold killer today. The smell is nice in small quantities, but the amount I have on my hands is a bit overwhelming.

Chau for now!

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